Get energy independence with solar panels for your home

Generate and store your own renewable power with our complete
solar panel solution. From installation to ongoing support, we can
help you harness the sun’s power to generate clean electricity for your home and store excess energy for night time use.

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Take control of your energy bills

Generate your own power, reduce your bills and stay ahead of the energy game with solar panels.

Our renewable energy solution is tailored to your home’s specific energy needs. And we’ll optimise your system’s performance to make the most of your investment.

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Energy when it suits you

With a solar battery you can store solar energy and use it when you need it most – saving you money and reducing your impact on the environment.

Our data-driven approach optimises your solar battery and maximises your savings by discharging your battery at optimal times and avoiding peak energy prices.

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Make money from your excess power

With Smart Export Tariffs you can turn your home into a mini power plant and sell your extra solar power back to the grid.

We connect to your smart meter to make sure you’re getting accurate payments for your exported solar energy. So you can manage your excess energy and earnings effortlessly.

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Maximise your energy savings

We don’t stop at solar panels. Our air source heat pumps and hot water systems also pair with the Flexx Hub to help you manage your energy more efficiently. Plus, we’ll find out if you qualify for a £7,500 government grant.
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Efficient hot water and heating
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Store heat to use on demand
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Manage and optimise how you use energy use to save money
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Working with industry leaders to deliver a top tier service

We work alongside GivEnergy and other leading names in energy and sustainability to deliver unmatched reliability and expertise.
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