Generating Renewable Energy

Generating home energy not only lowers the dependence on traditional utility services but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

There are many ways to generate energy at home through various renewable energy systems. Generating electricity at home can lower energy bills and reduce the UK’s carbon emissions. Renewable energy sourced from the sun or wind is becoming very common across the UK, providing us with our own energy source to power our appliances or heating and limit our reliance on the national grid.

Before settling on a particular method, it's important to consider factors such as the property's location, available resources, local regulations, and the initial investment required. Heatio’s energy experts can help with this. But first, let’s explore the array of options available and delve into how they can not only help us to save money but also propel the move towards a more energy-efficient lifestyle.

Take a look at the various renewable energy solutions and find out more about the benefits.


Powering your home with solar panels

Solar panels absorb energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. Since sunlight is a renewable energy source, installing solar panels on your roof means you can generate your own energy to...

Harnessing hydropower for your home

Hydroelectricity, or hydropower, captures the force of running water and uses it to generate electricity. If there’s a stream or river near your home, you may be able to install a micro-hydro...

Seize the breeze with wind turbines

Driving through the countryside, you’ll probably have seen wind turbines dotted around the landscape. These metal giants harness the force of wind to generate clean power - when the blades spin...

Generate heat and power simultaneously with micro-CHP technology

Micro combined heat and power - or micro-CHP - technology uses the same energy source to both power and heat your home at the same time. Some micro-CHP systems work and look much like a...


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