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Boosting your boiler’s efficiency

Since the bulk of your energy bills are spent on keeping your house warm and supplying your home with hot water, an inefficient boiler can cost you. If it’s time to replace your boiler, swapping it for a modern upgrade which is better at retaining heat will help ensure every penny you spend goes towards heating your home.

Is a boiler the right choice for you?

Conventional boilers are on their way out: under the UK’s government's plans to tackle climate change, oil and gas boilers will be banned in new homes from 2025. So if your boiler is on its last legs, now’s a great time to consider a more sustainable heating system like a heat pump, which doesn’t burn fossil fuels and could save you some money too.

What kind of boiler should you go for?

If you do want to get a replacement boiler, you’ll need to choose between a system boiler, where hot water is stored separately in a hot water cylinder, or a combi boiler, which heats water as needed.

When deciding, look at factors such as:

How much hot water you use 

If you have a large family or a lot of housemates, all those showers will require a lot of hot water. Since a system boiler has water ready and waiting, it might be a better option for your household.


How much space you have at home 

A hot water cylinder will take up extra room, so if space is in short supply in your house, you might want to choose a combi boiler.


Whether you want to harness other renewable heating technologies

If you plan to install solar panels or a heat pump at some point in the near future, consider opting for a system boiler, which can store excess energy in the form of hot water.

Making the most of your boiler

Making these minor adjustments to your central heating system can boost the efficiency of your boiler and cut costs:

Setting up heating controls

Timers and thermostats will make it easy to keep your home at a consistently comfortable temperature, without overheating or staying on too long and wasting energy.


Insulating your old hot water cylinder

Modern hot water cylinders are all insulated to retain heat, but an older one may need an extra layer. Saving money can be as easy as wrapping your hot water cylinder in an insulated cover.

Replacing your chemical inhibitor

Rust and scale can build up in your central heating, blocking the water’s course through the system and making it less effective. A central heating inhibitor is a chemical liquid that helps break down this sludge and restore your radiators to full power. An engineer should replace your inhibitor once a year when your boiler is serviced, and it should also be reapplied whenever your radiators are drained.

Prices to keep in mind

A gas boiler replacement with thermostatic radiator valves will cost around £3,700, while an oil boiler will cost around £5,500.


Though the upfront cost will set you back, you could save money in the long run. If you live in a standard semi-detached house, switching from an old gas boiler to a new A-rated condensing boiler with heating controls could save you between £215-385 a year, depending on your previous boiler’s rating, according to the Energy Saving Trust.


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